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1/10 Traxxas Stampede RTR W/ ID and 2.4 TQ Radio


  • Waterproof electronics all-weather, all-season R/C excitement
  •  New watertight receiver box and 2216 4-channel micro receiver
  •  Titan® 12-Turn 550 modified motor
  •  XL-5 electronic speed control
  •  New gray parts
  • Included optional 23-tooth pinion gear
  • Revo®-Spec Torque-Control™ slipper clutch
  •  Talon 2.8″ tires with foam inserts pre-glued on mirror-chrome All-Star™ wheels
  • New body graphics
  • Powder coated white springs

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  • Rock-Crushing Torque—And Waterproof! Stampede (#36054/#3605) Water Action NEW! 4amp DC fast charger NEW! Traxxas iD-Equipped 7-cell Power Cell NiMH battery TQ™ 2.4GHz radio system Waterproof electronics for all-weather driving excitement in water, mud and snow! Titan® 12-Turn 550 Motor 30+mph!* Powerful XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control Equipped with Traxxas’ High-Current Connector (patented)

The Traxxas Stampede XL-5®

  • The best-selling Stampede was the first high-performance monster truck and it’s legendary ruggedness has made the Stampede name synonymous for monster truck driving fun. Today, the Stampede has a bold look, innovative features, and of course, more power to boost the fun quotient even higher. Combine the increased horsepower with the tall, drive-over-anything ground clearance; ultra-tough suspension; exclusive waterproof electronics (blast through puddles, mow through mud and shred snow); and easy operation, Stampede will quickly become your favorite for all kinds of monster truck action. Stampede is still the first name in high-performance monster trucks.

 Wheelie Action Dirt

  • Titan® 12T 550 Motor (#3785)The Stampede is one monster truck that doesn’t know when to quit! Crushing cars, catching big air, and popping wheelies have never been this much fun. There is no other truck available that offers Stampede’s unique style, capability, and reputation for durability. When it comes to speed, the Titan 12-turn 550 modified motor and racing-style Magnum 272™ transmission propel the Stampede to speeds over 30mph*. The integrated cooling fan in the Titan 12T pulls air through the motor keeping it cool. Airflow is routed through cooling channels molded into the motor plate. A cooler running motor delivers faster speeds, longer runtime, and extended motor life.

Metal Gear Magnum 272™ Transmission

  • Stampede benefits from it’s family lineage incorporating advanced Revo® technology to bolster performance. The Magnum 272 transmission is fully sealed and comes equipped with efficient and precise ball bearings and an advanced Revo®-Spec Torque-Control™ slipper clutch.­ Revo-spec Talon™ 2.8″ tires provide sure-footed traction no matter how extreme the terrain. The aggressive Talon tires are pre-glued and mounted on bold 2.8″ All-Star™ mirror-chrome wheels.­ Based on the proven Revo Talon tires, the versatile 2.8″ Talons grip the pavement, tear through rocks, and have the ability to kick-up massive roost. The tires include performance-tuned foam inserts that provide extra stability on any surface.

TQ 2.4GHz Transmitter (2-Channel) (#6516)

  • Precision 2.4GHz Control Radio System. With the TQ™ 2.4GHz radio system, you just switch on a drive. There are no channels or frequencies to manage, so the focus is on having fun. The TQ’s ergonomic design is comfortable for all-day driving, and its sleek lines are enhanced by an internal antenna that is impervious to damage.

Traxxas 4-amp NiMH Peak Detection DC Fast Charger (#2975)

  • Traxxas 4amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger! For quick, convenient, hassle-free charging, a 4amp DC fast charger is included to maximize runtime and minimize down time. The included NiMH charger uses a 12-Volt DC power outlet for universal high-output charging. The brilliant LED provides charging status as soon as the battery is connected. The charger is optimized for charging your Traxxas iD Power Cell NiMH battery. Peak-detection circuitry makes sure the battery receives a full charge every time. The status LED flashes green to indicate when charging is in progress, then turns solid green when charging is complete for foolproof charging, peak performance, and maximum run time.

Sealed Electronics Extend Your Driving Fun

  • Waterproof Receiver Box (#3628) with TQ 2.4GHz (#6519)Traxxas shocked enthusiasts with the release of exclusive watertight, sealed electronics in the E-Maxx that provide the freedom to drive where you want to drive through water, mud, snow, and other wet-running conditions that wouldn’t have been possible before. Now the Traxxas Stampede is Ready-To-Race with this waterproof technology. The XL-5 electronic speed control and mini receiver are sealed against the elements giving you the freedom go places you might not have thought possible. It opens up a whole new world of adventure and fun. Wet muddy tracks are no problem for the Stampede. XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control (#3018R) (2014) (with LVD) To harness the power of the 12-turn motor, Traxxas bolted in the high-performance, waterproof XL-5 electronic speed control. With ultra-smooth, high-frequency operation and high-power handing capability, the XL-5 makes the Stampede as fast as it looks. EZ-Set® one-button setup makes it easy to adjust or change profiles. Traxxas’ exclusive patented Training Mode™ profile cuts total power output in half and leaves the brakes at full strength. It’s the first controller of its kind that has a 50% power profile. Training Mode is designed for young or first time drivers that want to learn the ropes before unleashing the top speed of the car.

QUICK FEATURES ON STAMPEDE (#36054-1) TQ™ 2.4GHz radio system Traxxas 4-amp Fast Charger Traxxas iD-Equipped 7-cell Power Cell NiMH battery Waterproof electronics all-weather, all-season R/C excitement Watertight receiver box and #2216 4-channel micro receiver Titan® 12-Turn 550 modified motor Waterproof XL-5 electronic speed control Gray composite parts Included optional 23-tooth pinion gear Revo®-Spec Torque-Control™ slipper clutch Talon 2.8″ tires with foam inserts pre-glued on mirror-chrome All-Star™ wheels ProGraphix® painted body graphics Powder coated white springs

World-class engineering and Traxxas’ attention-to-detail are some of the reasons why Stampede is a perennial favorite for monser truck fun. Traxxas backs all of their products with a support system second to none. No other truck offers the level of support of the Traxxas Stampede with its unparalleled parts availability. A staff of skilled Traxxas representatives make it convenient to find answers to your questions via phone, website, or email. We’re there to insure that your R/C experience is enjoyable, easy, and fun. Follow the details link above to go in depth on all the Stampede performance benefits and also be sure to check out the videos page to see Stampede in action for yourself.

MODEL 36054-1: Fully assembled, waterproof, Ready-To-Race®, with TQ™ 2.4GHz radio system, XL-5 Electronic Speed Control, 4-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger and ProGraphix® painted body.

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