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x7 super pack
x7 super pack

Tippmann X7 Phenom Super Pack


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X7 Phenom –For the avid woodsball player wanting a high performance, true military style paintball gun that can be customized into 1,000 different looks.

The X7 Phenom is the most customizable marker in paintball with over 22 available mods that can transform your marker into one of seven popular styles or your own unique look. The X7 Phenom features the patented FlexValve technology with low pressure operation and the ability to switch from electronic to mechanical mode on the fly.

X7 Phenom Super Pack

Kit Includes

  • X7 Phenom Marker
  • UMP Foregrip
  • M-16 Shroud
  • Assault Foregrip
  • G36 Shroud
  • M-16 Front Sight
  • Assault Front Sight
  • M-16 Carry Handle
  • G36 Carry Handle
  • M-16 Collapsible Stock
  • G36 Folding Stock
  • Assault Folding Collapsible Stock
  • M-16 curved Magazine
  • M-16 Straight Magazine
  • UMP Magazine
  • 14” Pathfinder Barrel

The new X7 Super Pack is designed to provide you with the ultimate value and versatility in a premium paintball marker.  This kit includes a total of 17 mods including 4 different shrouds/foregrips, 3 stocks, 3 magazines, 2 carry handles with sights and a 14” Pathfinder barrel.  If all of these components were purchased separately, they would have a retail value of over $850!


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